How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released years ago. Samsung have stopped the official updates for Galaxy Note 3. So, if you wish to run latest Android operating system on Galaxy Note 3, you need to root the device. In past days, rooting is a process of complex steps and risky flashing methods. But now you can root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK easily with a single click.

KingRoot is a reliable and one-click rooting solution for Android devices. KingRoot is available for many Android devices running up to Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. If you are ready to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK, do follow the below prerequisites.


  • Enable installations from unknown sources in your device. If you don’t know the path, follow below path

Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources -> Check the option

  • Download the latest KingRoot APK from the official sources.

Download KingRoot APK

How to Install KingRoot APK on Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK

Step 1: Once you download KingRoot APK from the above source, navigate to the downloaded location an launch it.

Step 2: Click the Install option. It starts installing the KingRoot APK on the device.

Step 3:  If the device throws a warning popup message as “Installation Blocked“, tap on the down facing arrow next to More details option.

Step 4: Click Install anyway(unsafe) which installs the KingRoot APK on the device. Do wait until the application shows “App Installed” message after successful installation.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK?

Step 1: As the installation is done, you can now Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using the KingRoot application. Launch the KingRoot from the App drawer.

Step 2: Tap on “Start root” and allow the rooting process to continue.

Step 3: If your device is incompatible with the current version of KingRoot APK, it will show an incompatible error message. If you see this message, need not worry. KingRoot APK has very good update frequency and you can find single click root solution in next update may be.

Step 4: Wait until the rooting process is completed or until the root successful message is displayed on app screen.

Step 5: That’s all. You have successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK tool .

You can verify the root access using the free Root Checker application from Google Play store.


KingRoot APK may fail to root your Android device due to one of the following reasons. Go through them and find a fix:


KingRoot No Strategy Found Error

Reason: The possible reason for ‘No Strategy Found’ error is you might have upgraded the device software recently.

Fix: Downgrade the device operating system to lower version and try rooting it back following the same process with the latest version of KingRoot APK.


KingRoot Root access not available

Reason: This might happen with Android devices running on older version of operating system. Also the internet connection on the device might be slow for the KingRoot APK to exchange some information.

Fix: Connect your device to a network which has stable and fast data transfer speed. Download the compatible version of KingRoot APK and try rooting process again.


KingRoot is compatible with most of the Android devices available today. But, if your device is not supported with the current or previous version of KingRoot APK, we suggest you to wait till developers release the new compatible version. The app has good frequency of updates so the next update may support your device.

If you face any other problem while rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KingRoot APK tool, do let us using the below comments section. We can help you in possible way.

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